>  MOLYKOTE 润滑脂 Poly / Olefin
Grease - for Plastic rubber parts (Poly/Olripin)
Product Names Penetration Temperature
Characteristic Use
EM-30L 325 -45~150 *Almost no influence on the plastic
*Excellent an low temperature
*Less scattering of the oil
*Electricity is not engaged in
non-silicon detects
*EM-50L, EM-110 used in the Penetration have the proper torque
*EM60-L for the low temperature
*Radio cassette, VTR, Such as
audio equipment of the gear
*Control cable and other plastic
parts of automobiles, etc.
*Small motor, tuners, slide the
volume, antenna, etc.
Remove the plastic gear noise
EM-50L 325 -45~150
EM-60L 325 -60~130
EM D-110 360 -10~150
6159-1 320 -45~150 *Plastic is less affected.
*Using high-viscositrol excellent
*Window guide rail
*Various automobile
*Plastic/plastic with the lubrication
*Plastic/metal with the lubrication
*Prevention of noise, especially
plastic gear lubrication excellence
SK-623 340 -45~150
AG-626 280 -50~150 *Excellent low temperature
*Do not cause bad electrical
*Electric switch used for
lubricating plastic
AG-633 320 -60~130 *Low temperature resistance of
*Used during high loads
*Door mirror especially in various actuator for automotive use
AG-650 300 -40~130(150) *Anti-wear is excellent
*Excellent adhesion
*Metal/metal, metal/plastic
used to.
*Starter motor used to
YM-102 300 -50~150 *Extreme pressure, good abrasion
*Because non-silicon system does not cause bad contact.
*Available at a low temperature to
high temperature
*PG-662 for a heavy load
*Small motor worm shaft
*Various automobile
*Plastic/metal, Plastic/plastic
metal/metal lubrication
YM-103 300 -45~150
PG-661 320 -40~150 *Excellent low temperature
*Plastic as less affected
*Bad contacts of the oil does not
bleed and other parts of the
pollution does not cause
poor lubrication
*PG-662 for a heavy load
*Electrical contacts, plastic
lubrication region
*Various actuator for
automotive and plastic gears
PG-662 300 -45~150
PG-663 325 -50~130