>  MOLYKOTE Paste 
Product Names Penetration Temperature
Characteristic Use
DX 300 -25~125 *Cleanliness
*Corrosion resistant
*Water resistant
*Load resistant
*Equipment for food hygiene
*Paper plant
*Plastic molding equipment
E 280 -50~150 *Plastic resistant
*Abrasive resistant
*Wide temperature range
*Audios, rotating part of office,
equipment, kaompu,
Nine ring gear,
optical equipment
G 335 -20~120,
solid 400
*Containing MoS2 60% over more
*Low-speed high loads, shock
loads in the effective lubrication
*Crane jackhammer
*Metal working tools
*O-ring reduce wear
*Prevent sticking of the tiring
bolt nut
*Maintenance of plant machine
such as slippery
G-N 300 -20~120,
solid 400
*Lubricating reciprocating
*Flatting corrosion resistance
U 310 -40~180,
solid 400
*Oil composition at high
temperatures the complete
evaporation of MoS2 lubrication
*Rubber friendly
G Rapid spray - -35~400 *Typical spray paste
*General purpose lubrication
1000 295 -30~650 *For bolt-nut
*Excellent corrosion protection
*Excellent adhesion
*Turbine combustion appliances
*Valve of the petrochemical
*Bolt nut steel plant
Cu-7439 340 -30~650
HSC plus 265 -30~1100 *Wide temperature range
*Excellent oxidation stability
*Excellent electrical conductivity
*Turbine engines and valves
*High temperature or corrosive
environments nut bolts.
P-37 325 -40~1400 *Softening at high temperatures,
which do not contain metal
*Stable at 1400°C
*Gas turbine power plant
*Steam turbine bolt and nut used
for signing
P-74 300 -30~1500 *Metal-free solid lubricant
*Stable at 1500°C
*High-purity lubricant
*Bearing, door hinges,
leaf springs, chains
AS-880N 280 -40~200 *Excellent adhesion
*Excellent noise protection
*Brake shim(back plate) of the
*Excellent noise reduction
M-77 300 -45~230,
solid 400