Lubtech System Co., Ltd.
makes a huge contribution to the present
and future industrial society.

In the present and future industrial society, there is a strong demand for high-speed, miniaturized, and precision equipments and facilities in order to make up for high labor costs, soaring real estate prices, and lacking labor force. Lubricants should not only become more specialized and meet the lubrication needs of all movement elements subject to the increasingly severe demands due to those design trends in equipments and facilities, but they need to cause no contamination for environment protection, one of the global issues today. We specialize in manufacturing and marketing high-grade lubricants based on the state-of-the-art manufacturing equipments and facilities and import and distribute lubricants. We thoroughly analyze the lubrication conditions of world-recognized equipments and facilities with unique items and select or develop products with the most proper features and long-term lubricative property, thus leading the sector based on our technologies and know-how.

We will continue to make a contribution to your growth and development
by upgrading the product levels,
maximizing the facility life,
promoting the efficiency of lubrication management,
and cutting down the facility downtime to the minimum.

Thank you