Gear oil

It is high- or low-temperature, long-term lubricant gear oil made of Ester synthetic oil as its base oil. It boasts such excellent abrasion and load resistance, thus guaranteeing five times longer life than general mineral oil.


It is a top-notch gear oil developed to solve problems with other gear oils in the mineral oil group, cut down overall expenses through performance upgrading, and meet the needs of various facilities.

– Decelerators whose locations make regular maintenance and management difficult due to the facility structure.
– Decelerators whose operating temperature rises in an abnormal fashion(higher than 80C).
– Decelerators located in a place where surrounding temperature goes through big changes(outdoors: day and night, summer and winter).
– Large facilities requiring high re-operation expenses long-term lubrication)
– All kinds of decelerators including one that requires much initial load at starting and high-load journal bearings 

– There are small viscosity changes according to temperature.
– It has great oil film strength.
– It has excellent oxidative stability.
– It has excellent oil properties.
– It has a wide temperature range. 

– 24-hour a day operating facilities and important facilities in such industries as iron manufacturing, steel making, paper manufacturing, cement, textile, and automobile.

1. All kinds of gear decelerators(spur, bevel, and hypoid gears)
2. All kinds of rolling and sliding bearings
3. All kinds of gear couplings

Worm gear, Spur, Bevel gear, high- or low-temperature parts of decelerator gears
– Plain, Rolling bearing 

Representative properties /
Product name
CO-120 CO-200 CO-300
Color Light Brown Light Brown Light Brown
Viscosity at 40℃ 120 230 300
Viscosity index (DIN ISO 2909) 115 115 115
Density (DIN 51757) 0.90 ~ 0.96
Pour Point (DIN ISO 3016) -25 -25 -25
Flash Point (DIN ISO 2592) >250 >250 >250